You would like to have active presence on Facebook but you don’t have the time? Trust yourself on us and our content managers will ensure short response times and constant interaction with your fans. We will not only inform your fans about your latest offers and services but we will also entertain them, thus ensuring unceasing attention and increasing attachment to the brand. Whether it is an application to provide the fans with information or an entertaining game, Drukka and its own development team undertake the development of a wide range of applications with a short deadline. The Facebook campaign can be promoted not only providing two-directional communication through applications but also by applying Facebook advertisements. We offer to arrange not only the administration and management of your appearance but also its creative development.



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Be handy for your customers! Nowadays, mobile phone is one of the most important personal objects on our life. We undertake to develop applications for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone telephones alike. In addition to application development, we can also help you with mobile banner advertisements, for which we also offer the mobile web optimization of your website.








We have given the necessary momentum to a number of brands! With our help you can present yourself to your customers and partners with a professional website. Our own development team with their experience of several years will plan, create and manage your company website or webshop. We are the best not only in creating websites but also in search engine optimisation and Google AdWords advertisements. Take the first step towards success and request your personal offer now!



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Our company has a high level of commitment in innovative solutions. We are continuously looking for investment opportunities in startups. Companies with “think outside the box” mentality and good management skills, with the promise of significant role in their target markets, globally or locally are more than welcomed.


Drukka and its related affiliates are invested in the following companies: